Living Collections
The single, most vital asset of any Botanic Garden is the plant material of the living collections.

Managing plant collections is a key feature that distinguishes a Botanic Garden from other high-quality public parks or gardens and highlights their role as a valuable horticultural and cultural resource.  

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne defines a collection as a ‘managed group of plants demonstrating a particular theme(s). It serves one or more of the general goals of research, conservation, education or ornamental display’.

The Sale Botanic Gardens prides itself on the current collection of living specimens that visitors can experience and enjoy.

Despite the chequered land use history of a range of recreational and agricultural pursuits, the current Gardens links directly with our rich cultural and social heritage and historically to the area and the beginnings of the Botanic Gardens.  

Alongside the ten Living Collections within the Gardens, there are several other significant garden beds that, while not being recognised as a collection, deserve recognition for local importance.

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