Just Outside the Gardens...
Just outside the Sale Botanic Gardens are amazing opportunities for people to enjoy nature and be active.

Lake Guyatt Arboretum

Trees play an important role in the support of the health and wellbeing of the community. Trees are critical in enhancing local biodiversity, cool the environment, increase property values and mitigate stormwater runoff. They also build the character of the township.

Originally established in the 1920’s to display a range of exotic and native tree species, the Lake Guyatt Arboretum was enhanced with the assistance of the Sale and District Field Naturalist Club in 1966.  

Trees within the arboretum are:

  1. Platanus X acerifolia – London Plane Tree
  1. Schinus molle – Peppercorn Tree
  1. Pinus pinea – Stone Pine
  1. Exocarpus cupressiformis – Native Cherry
  1. Eucalyptus viminalis – Manna Gum
  1. Eucalyptus macranda – Long Flowered Marlock
  1. Eucalyptus globulus – Blue Gum

More information about the trees can be found by visiting the Lake Guyatt Arboretum  

SEED Lakeside Community Garden

Adjacent to the Sale Botanic Gardens is the newly established SEED Community Garden.

An inclusive community space, the SEED Community Garden aims to provide individuals and community the opportunity to take part in a range of activities that encourage lifelong learning and support the health and wellbeing outcomes that can be derived from gardening and being outdoors.

For further information please visit the SEED Community Garden website.

Sale Common

Connected to the Lake Guthridge Parklands by a series of off-road gravel paths is the Sale Common.

Visitors to the Sale Common can stroll along the 15km’s of boardwalks and gravel paths and be immersed into the environmentally significant site with its abundant birdlife and towering red gum forest.

Discover more on the Middle of Everywhere website.


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